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Stellar Astrophysics Centre:

Research on the Sun, stars

and extra-solar planets


Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen, Science and Technology, held the official opening speech and unveiled a copper plaque inscribed with the names of the three co-owning institutions and the contributing foundations. (Photo: Christina Troelsen)

2014.10.30 | Public/media, Staff, Students

Looking towards the stars

On Saturday 25 October, Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen officially opened Aarhus University’s southernmost permanent research facility – the new SONG telescope on the island of Tenerife.

2014.10.22 | Public/media, Staff, Students

New robotic telescope revolutionizes the study of stars

In the last 8 months a fully robotic telescope in Tenerife has been carrying out high-precision observations of the motion of stellar surfaces. The telescope is the first in the SONG telescope network and a milestone in a new global stellar research project, aiming at making it possible to follow the stars twenty-four seven.

2014.08.19 | Faculty, Workshop

Young Scientists search for Life in Space

If you were to look for life in the universe, it would be a good idea to know what it actually looks like should you stumble across it out there. This is why a two-week summer school for young researchers at Aarhus University is currently in full swing. Astronomers and biologists are at work on topics such as understanding the conditions found in…

2014.03.21 | Public/media, Staff, Students, Knowledge exchange

Upper secondary school pupils to study planets around other stars

Astrophysicists at Aarhus University have written a new textbook on exoplanets. The book is a new type of teaching resource that makes it possible for the pupils to work with real measurements from the Kepler space satellite.

2014.03.12 | Public/media

Første danske astronauts mission til rummet mangler et navn

For første gang nogensinde deltager en dansk astronaut i en mission til rummet. Danske Andreas Mogensen rejser på sin første mission til Den Internationale Rumstation, ISS, i 2015. Derfor søsætter den europæiske rumorganisation ESA og Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriet nu en konkurrence om at finde det bedste navn til missionen.

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Wed 26 Nov
14:15-15:00 | 1525-323
SAC Seminar - Daniel Reese: Internal rapid rotation and its implications for stellar structure and pulsations
Thu 27 Nov
14:15-15:00 | 1525-323
SAC Seminar - David Yong: TBA
Fri 28 Nov
10:00-11:00 | 1520-329
SAC Journal Club
Fri 05 Dec
10:00-11:00 | 1520-329
SAC Journal club
Fri 12 Dec
10:00-11:00 | 1520-329
SAC Journal club
Fri 19 Dec
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SAC Journal club

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