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Den åbne stjernehob NGC6791, hvor stjernen V106 er markeret.

2018.09.07 | Research news, Staff, Students

Stellar infight ends in cosmic embrace

In a recently published study of the star V106 in the open cluster NGC 6791, astronomers from a.o. Stellar Astrophysics Centre, Aarhus University have witnessed an astronomical infight before their very eyes.

2018.08.20 | Public/media

Astrobiology magazine out now

The recent issue 2018.2. of Natur og Museum has Astrobiology as theme.

Ready for the journey

2018.08.20 | Public/media, Staff, Students

Nordic Optical Telescope upgraded for planet hunting

Aarhus University student Peter Weis Hansen brought a cardboard box with him to the Canarian island of La Palma on the 11th of August.

Hans Kjeldsen on stage during TASC4

2018.07.12 | Public/media, Staff, Students

TASC4/KASC11 workshop in Danish media

The workshop had some 4 minutes well edited mention in TV-Avisen (national news) on Tuesday 21:30 and a website spinoff in this link:

Not at big as Houston - but it's ours! Photo: LK AU photo.

2018.07.05 | Public/media, Students, Staff

Delphini-1 control room inaugurated on 28 June 2018

Some 70 friends of SAC and the Delphini-1 satellite program attended the inauguration of the satellite control room at the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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