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Five ordinary wide angle cameras make up the exoplanet hunter MASCARA. This is the installation on La Silla. credit: ESO

2017.09.11 | Students, Public/media, Staff

Two new exoplanets confirmed by the Danish SONG telescope

The Dutch camerasystem MASCARA and the Danish 1-metre telescope SONG on Tenerife, supplement each other in the discovery of two new 'hot jupiters'.

The Pleiades - the Seven Sisters are known in starlore with various names all over the World

2017.08.24 | Students, Public/media, Staff

Kepler satellite discovers variability in the Seven Sisters

Using the Pleiades as guinea-pigs for new photometric method. Tim White as lead author and several other researchers related to SAC have a paper out in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Observatory, titled 'Beyond the Kepler/K2 bright limit: variability in the seven brightest members of the Pleiades'.

AUtocampus - the mobil AU building where you (?) will do your thing

2017.07.12 | Public/media, Staff, Students

Stand-up astronomy - tell your good story

Join other students and researchers for 5 days of fun and outreach during the Aarhus Festival Week

2017.07.12 | Public/media, Students, Staff

Outdoors astronomy exhibition

An excuse for a city walk

2017.06.22 | Students

PLATO approved and adopted by ESA Science Programme Committee

The next generation of planet hunters are on the way. The launch of PLATO is scheduled for 20126

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