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2018.04.09 | Students

SAC II inaugurated and more to come

Tuesday the 3rd of April 2018 was the first working day of SAC II.

2018.01.18 | Students, Public/media, Staff

Sun-like star may be a Rosetta Stone for the understanding of the Sun's behaviour

A study of a solar like star may help us understand the cycles of the Sun and their influence on the climate of the Earth

Mia Sloth Lundkvist. Photo: Landessternwarte Heidelberg

2017.12.21 | Public/media, Staff, Students

Carlsberg grant to Mia Sloth Lundkvist

Congratulations to postdoc Mia Sloth Lundkvist on a postdoc stipend of Dkr 1 149 000 from the Carlsberg Foundation to pursue her project on "Pulsating exoplanet hosts in the TESS era". Mia is presently based in Heidelberg and is planning to return to Aarhus at the end of 2018.

Victor Silva Aguirre. Private photo.

2017.11.20 | Public/media

Sapere Aude grant to Victor Silva Aguirre

Assistant professor Victor Silva Aguirre has been awarded the prestigious Sapere Aude grant of Dkr. 5.9 million for pursuing Galactic Archeology in the project " Asteroseismology for Galactic archaeology: rediscovering the Milky Way"

Close gas planets may have their gas blown away leaving a species of rocky exoplanets. Credit: ESA, Martin Kornmesser

2017.11.20 | Public/media, Staff, Students

Not as many earthlike exoplanets after all

Some hot, rocky exoplanets are the scorched cores of former gas giants. These planets are nestled close to their stars, where stellar winds may have blown ancient atmospheres away

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