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μ Herculis can be seen with the naked eye on a dark and cloud free night

2017.02.16 | Public/media, Staff

μ Herculis – first paper from the SONG project

The first paper from the SONG project, has been published in ApJ. SAC's Frank Grundahl is lead author. This solar type star has been observed for 215 nights; a new record, resulting in vastly improved parameters. The new results may lead to a revision of standard stellar models.

2017.02.15 | Public/media

Freewheeling Celebrity Researchers

This spring in Aarhus will see a couple of familiar faces in a slightly unusual connection to musical performances. They have all promised not to sing, though!

- maybe not totally realistic, but just for the occasion of the day! credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

2017.02.14 | Research news, Public/media, Staff

Planet induces pulsations in it's star

SAC's Victoria Antoci is coauthor on a paper describing for the first time how an eccentric exoplanet can make its host star pulse excitedly from the mutual interaction. The paper is published appropriately enough today on Valentines Day in Astrophysical Journal Letters

47 Tucanae imaged by ESO's VISTA camera

2017.02.13 | Staff, Public/media

47 Tucanae precisely dated by SAC team and collaborators

Karsten Brogaard from SAC and collaborators have a paper accepted by MNRAS, to be published on ArXive 14 February 2017, titled "The age of 47Tuc from self-consistent isochrone fits to colour-magnitude diagrams and the eclipsing member V69"

2016.12.23 | Public/media

Have you noticed the Christmas Star in South-West after sunset?

- well, maybe it is Venus on second thought, but SAC's Mads has produced a nice video quoting some of the theories concerning the "real" Chrismas Star

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