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2016.11.01 | Public/media, Research news, Staff, Students

Internal rotation of γ Doradus stars

The internal rotation of stars is a fundamental quantity in stellar physics, similar to their mass or metallicity. In a new paper presently on arXiv SAC's Rhita-Maria Ouazzani et al. present a method of determining this parameter for γ Doradus stars

The happy winners from Varde Gymnasium

2016.10.26 | Public/media

3 Danish classes to work with SONG observations

The results are now in for the first SONG competition aimed at Danish pupils in upper secondary level.

2016.10.25 | Staff, Students, Public/media

New SAC Postdoc - Kuldeep Verma

Kuldeep Verma has joined the Stellar Astrophysics Centre on 1 October 2016

2016.06.09 | Research news, Public/media, Staff, Students

Mia Sloth Lundkvist awarded IDA PhD prize for 2015

The new yearly IDA PhD Prize has been awarded on 14 June during the Annual National Astronomy Meeting at Sandbjerg Estate. Nominations from supervisors of Danish PhD theses defended in 2015 have been recieved by the evaluations committee, and the theses have been evaluated on basis of their scientific exellence. The committee has unanimously…

The size of subgiant K2-39 and its exoplanet. K2-39b are shown relative to the size of the Sun. The distance between K2-39 and its planet is also indicated, relative to the distance of the Sun to Mercury. The Earth is not shown on this figure, because it is more than two times further away than Mercury.

2016.06.07 | Research news, Public/media, Staff, Students

Fantastic coincidence: a planet that shouldn’t be there at all

SAC scientists have discovered a new giant exoplanet orbiting a subgiant star so close that the planet ought to have been destroyed by tidal forces - but it isn't - at least not yet!

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