SAC seminar - Marina Sosa: Impact of seeing and host galaxy into the study of photo-polarimetric variability in blazars

2018.01.02 | Louise Børsen-Koch

Date Thu 25 Jan
Time 15:15 16:00
Location 1520-732

Blazars are a class of active galactic nuclei that typically present an intense and variable emission along the whole electromagnetic spectrum, a high polarization degree, and in some cases, super-luminic movements of their radio jets. In this talk I will present photometric and polarimetric studies of the relatively nearby blazars 1ES 1959+650 and HB89 2201+044. An important characteristic of these two objects is the presence of well resolved host galaxies. This particular feature allowed me to analyze the depolarizing effect introduced by the host galaxies, with the main goal of recovering the intrinsic polarizacion of the AGNs. Along this work, I have also considered the effect introduced by changes in seeing along the observing runs, into the photo-polarimetric measurements of blazars. Finally, I will show how the non-inclussion of these two aspects can contribute to a miss-characterization of blazars.

Public/media, Staff, Students