SAC Seminar - Rocio Isabel Paez: Dynamics of resonances in the Trojan problem

2016.11.28 | Louise Børsen-Koch

Date Thu 08 Dec
Time 15:15 16:00
Location 1520-732

The talk will provide an introduction to the features of dynamics in the domains of trojan motions around the stable Lagrangian points of a planet in a solar system. Examples cover the dynamics of trojan asteroids of several planets in our solar system, or hypothetical trojan exoplanets. We will focus on a discussion of the role of so-called secondary resonances in the dynamics. Such resonances change the degree of chaoticity as well as the properties of diffusion and long term stability of trojan bodies. A brief summary of analytical versus numerical methods for such studies will be given. Finally, we will discuss observational implications of resonant dynamics in the search for extra-solar trojan planets of small bodies.

Staff, Students, Public/media