Finding the Department of Physics and Astronomy

The Department of Physics and Astronomy is situated in the west end of Campus, Aarhus University. Please choose your favorite guide/map to find Campus, e.g. The main entrance can be reached from Ny Munkegade or Langelandsgade.

Aarhus University also has the App "AU-Find" (primarily for iPhone users) for navigating the University.

If you arrive by car

If you arrive by car please inform us ahead of time so that we can check for the need of a parking permit. Parking lots are situated north of The Department of Physics and Astronomy (between the buildings of "Physics" and Chemistry"). Please use the entrance from Langelandsgade opposite the former military barracks (now Department of Aesthetic Arts).

If you arrive by train/bus

Opposite the main entrance of the train station you will find bus 16, direction ‘Hasle/Haslegårdsvej’ (The direction of the bus is given above the front window). Get off at the stop ‘Universitetet/Kemisk Institut’. It is also possible to go by bus 2A, direction ’AUH Skejby’ or bus 13, direction ‘Frydenlund’ and get off at the first stop on Paludan Müllersvej (Paludan Müllersvej, Langelandsgade and Kaserneboulevarden are announced as 'Kaserneboulevarden').
From here it is only a short walk by "Langelandsgade" to the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

You can find more information on busses (time tables etc.) from Midttrafik.

If you arrive by airplane

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