Simulated Data

The simulated data can be found on the WG0 Wiki here. If you are not yet a member of WG0, you should sign up on to access the simulated data.

The current data is only a first batch, more simulations will be online soon.

We encourage participants to have run their respective light curve correction and classification routines before the workshop. We will ask for reduced products around a week before the workshop in order to prepare the comparisons. The routines should be run in a pipeline sense, i.e., without too much intervention from the person running routine - for TESS this will not be an option.

With the simulated data we would like to address the following questions: 

  • A comparison of different classification methods
  • The influence of noise, cadences, observing duration, etc. for the performance of classification and light curve correction methods
  • How well different light curve correction methods perform for different stellar types