Travel Grants

We have the opportunity to offer travel grants (260 €) for students that attend the EANA17 workshop in Aarhus. The grants can be used to cover travel expenses and housing in Aarhus. In order to be eligible for a travel grant you have to bring a poster or give an oral presentation at the workshop. You have to apply for a travel grant and you do so by sending an application to not later than 15 May and you will receive the decision by 1 June.

Applications should contain: Name, affiliation to a research institution, email address, and an abstract of your contribution (1/2 page).

Please Note: The grant will be paid out after the conference and based on a filled in reimbursement form that will be available at the registration desk during EANA 2017. You will need to provide all relevant documents stating the exact amount of your expenses to be covered. More information will follow during the EANA2017 Workshop.


The Sohan Jheeta Travel Bursary - especially for students from developing countries

 A travel award of €600 is available enabling one student/early career postdoc from a developing country to parcticipate in the EANA 2017 conference in Denmark.

Applications for this special award should be addressed to this year's conference host Kai Finster as early as possible, and no later than 1 May. Our chairman Frances Westall and Kai will then decide on the recipient and inform accordingly. The applications should contain the same information as requested above for the other travel grants.

This travel grant has graciously been installed by Mr. Sohan Jheeta, and it was first awarded in 2016 til M. Asif Iqubal of IIT Roorkee, India to enable his attendance at the EANA conference in Athens. Mr. Jheeta notes: "I am hoping that this will encourage applications for the award from as wide an array of students/early career postdocs in the developing world as possible."