The workshop will take place at Lucas House (on Edgbaston Park Road) in the University of Birmingham Conference Park, specifically in the Edgbaston room. 


Getting to Lucas House:

  • By train: the nearest train station is the "University (Birmingham)" station, approximately 1.3 km from the venue. From New Street Station (city centre) popular routes which goes to the University include the Longbridge and Reddich destinations (these typically depart from tracks 11b-12b). The travel time is approximately 7 min. You can find current time tables on thetrainline.
  • By bus: Numbers 61, X62 and 63 travel to the University’s Edgbaston campus, while the 76, 98 and 99 serve the Medical School and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The services all run frequently from the city centre. Online bus timetables for 61, X62 and 63 are available on the National Express West Midlands website. There is a travel information office outside New Street Station, where you can obtain bus timetables and departure point information. Maps can be found throughout the city centre indicating bus stop locations. 
  • By taxi: there are taxi ranks at New Street Station and throughout the city centre. The journey to the University takes about ten minutes and costs about £10. Note that most taxies only take cash; taxies from T.O.A. should accept credit card payment. If more people go together travelling by taxi should be the easiest (and possibly cheapest) option.


We will arrange for a taxi going to/from the city centre every afternoon/morning. Details on time and place will be added later on. 

Below you see the route to walk from the University station (upper left) to Lucas House (lower right) through the University of Birmingham Campus. Clicking on the image will take you to Google Maps.


Below you see a map over the Edgbaston Campus. Lucas House is the green G16 building; the offices of the HiROS group are located in the Physics West building (R8; red).