Forms for SAC activities

We kindly ask all employees, students and visitors under the Centre to make a budget for planning various activities. The forms are used for getting an overall view of the expenses at SAC.

The forms must be uploaded via the submission link below 14 days prior to any travel or purchase at the latest.

Please note that you will not get an automatic reply after submitting the form. You will however be notified within a few days after you have sent a form.

Depending on your affiliation to the Centre (visitor, employee or student) and the purpose of your activity, you may find the appropriate form below:

1. SAC - Travel Form for SAC staff (incl. students)

2. SAC - Guests (Non-SAC staff)

3. SAC - Form for various activities; e.g. computers, workshops etc. for SAC-staff

In case you lose a voucher whilst travelling, please fill in this Statement of Truth and send it to Brigitte Henderson (

Submission of form

Rates in Danish kroner as at 1 January 2018

Per diem allowance in Denmark: 427 DKK

Per diem allowance outside Denmark: 498 DKK

Upon filling in the forms please be aware of the meal deductions:

Breakfast: 15%

Lunch: 30%

Dinner: 30%

Full Board: 75%

Find more information about rates here (in Danish only)